Symptoms of lower extremity pain in Pittsburgh

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Symptoms of lower extremity pain can vary depending on the type of nerve affected (motor or sensory), how long the neuropathy has been present and how much damage has been caused. There are three (3) types of peripheral nerve damage: motor nerve damage, sensory nerve damage and autonomic nerve damage.

Motor Nerve Damage can be characterized by muscle weakness, muscle cramping, muscle twitching, loss of reflexes and atrophy (muscle shrinking), lack of coordination and falling to name a few.

Sensory Nerve Damage can be characterized by burning, numbness, tingling, difficulty telling the difference between hot and cold, decreased perception of pain, gait issues due to proprioception problems, highly sensitive to light touch (especially at night).

Autonomic Nerve Damage can be characterized by excess sweating, heat intolerance, the inability to expand and contract the small blood vessels that regulate blood pressure, bowel, bladder or digestive problems can also be affected.

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