How is lower extremity pain Diagnosed in Pittsburgh?

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Typically a diagnosis of neuropathy will begin with a good medical history. A physical exam, a neurological exam, blood work-ups and EMG/NCV tests which can all be performed at a Pittsburgh Nerve Pain Center.

A Through Consultation – A good medical history about symptoms, what makes them better, what makes them worse, work environment, social habits, exposure to toxins, alcohol use and family history of neurological disease all will help in making a proper diagnosis.

Physical and Neurological Examination – A neurological exam will includes test that will help the doctor identify the cause of the neuropathic disorder as well as the extent and type of nerve damage.

Blood Tests – Blood tests to help identify diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, liver problems, kidney problems, infections or problems with your bodies defense system.

EMG/NCV Tests – EMG, also known as an electromyography, detects abnormal muscle activity and can help differentiate between muscle and nerve disorders. An NCV, also known as a nerve conduction velocity test, measures nerve signal strength and speed. An NCV can show which nerve and nerve type may be affected and whether symptoms are being caused by the nerve or the covering of the nerve.

These tests are the gold standard.


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