Causes of lower extremity pain in Pittsburgh

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Most neuropathy in Pittsburgh is acquired. This means that something during the course of life lead to the patient having lower extremity pain. Acquired neuropathies can be classified as either symptomatic or idiopathic (meaning the neuropathy has no known cause).

Causes of acquired lower extremity pain include the following:

Physical Injury – The most common cause of single nerve injury, also known as mononeuropathy

Diabetes - The leading cause of polyneuropathy

Vascular Problems – Decrease blood flow and oxygen to the nerves, blood vessel wall thickening

Auto-Immune Diseases – Infections can attack nerves either short term or long term (neuropathy)

Hormonal Imbalances – Can disturb metabolic processes leading to swollen tissues and neuropathy

Kidney or Liver Disorders – Can lead to toxic substances in the blood that can damage nerve tissue

Vitamin Deficiency – B12 deficiency and excess B6 can cause neuropathy

Medications – Medications, especially those used to treat cancer (chemo), HIV and AIDS

If you are suffering from the symptoms of lower extremity pain, regardless of the cause - contact your Pittsburgh Nerve Pain Center today to learn the best way to find relief!


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